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APPLICATIONS FOR FUNDING ARE NOW BEING TAKEN! We are looking for projects in mountains, on beaches, in forests, along rivers and lakesides and all habitats inbetween.

If you would like to apply for funding, please fill in the form below. If you experience any problems at all please contact us on either or ring 0044 1539 727255 and ask to speak to either Tanya or Catherine.

Deadline for applications is 12 NOON (GMT), on 30th June 2019

Those projects that are successful in gaining funding from EOCA will know by the end of October 2019 at the latest following a public vote in this funding round. The decision on successful applications will be made at the sole discretion of the General Managers, the Scientific Advisors and the Board of Directors of EOCA.  

Please note that some questions have a maximum word count where indicated in brackets. If you are copying and pasting your answers from a document, make sure that your answer does not exceed the word limit. Any words over the word limit will be automatically removed, and we may not receive your answer as intended.

Answers to all questions are required, but please pay close attention to those marked with an *. It is important you are as clear as possible in your answers.  All answers must be given in ENGLISH.

We understand some of the questions will require you to estimate your expected impact, but please be as accurate as you can, given work you have carried out in the past!

Once your application is filled in, you will also need to attach:

  • A copy of some documentation that proves your organisation is registered, non profit
  • Budget for the amount you have applied for in Euros (€) - how exactly will the funds be used.  The maximum that can be requested from EOCA is €30,000.
  • At least one reference letter from a previous funder that we can also contact in the event your project gets through to the shortlist.
You can add an optional fourth document (such as some images of the project area) to support your application if required.

We have introduced a SAVE option, so that you can complete your application over more than one visit to the site.  Pressing the SAVE button will ask you to create an account. You can then partially complete your application and come back on a separate occasion to log back in to complete your application.

Please remember that to send in your application to EOCA you MUST press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page once you are happy that you have completed your application.

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If yes, from whom are you applying for funding, how certain are you that this funding will become available, and in what timescales? Will this project go ahead if this other funding is not secured?
If you are able to access match funding, or other funding from a different source as a result of securing a grant from EOCA, please can you give details of this:
Please provide a short summary of your proposal, including the overall goal of the project and how EOCA funding would be used. (Max. 1200 characters)*
Briefly describe the species, habitat or broader ecosystem in your project area and the main threats to them. (Max. 2400 characters)*
Project Details
Please give further details as to how the project will protect, enhance or restore key species or habitats of the broader ecosystem from identified threats, addressing specific issues and root causes: (Max. 3600 characters)
How does the project link to and enhance the experience of the outdoor enthusiast and / or affect their impact on it? (Max. 1200 characters)*
Who owns / manages the land where the project will be implemented? What is your relationship to them? (Max. 1200 characters)*
Are there any conflicts with any third parties that you are aware of? Please give any details of any ongoing conflicts over ownership, access, grazing or usage rights: (2400 characters)
Please give details of how the project will involve local people and identifiable stakeholders: (Max. 3600 characters)
Please give details of how the project will educate and communicate with local people, communities of interest and visitors to the area: (Max. 3600 characters)
Please give details of how the project will be sustainable after funding from EOCA has finished: (2400 characters)
Please give details of the hands on conservation work activities that will be implemented with this funding: (2400 characters)
Please give details of how your project helps mitigate against climate change. This may include restoring, conserving and protecting habitats and ecosystems which store and/or capture carbon for example. (2400 characters)
Additional Details for Projects dealing with Plastic Clean Up
What type and kinds of rubbish are a problem in your project area? (1200 characters)*
What are the identified sources and causes of this rubbish? (1200 characters)*
What threats does this rubbish currently pose and to what wildlife? (1200 characters)*
How will the rubbish be collected during the project? (1200 characters)*
What length (in metres), of beach/trail/river etc. do you hope to clear of plastic and other rubbish? What size of area (in metres squared), do you plan to clean of plastic and other rubbish? (600 characters)*
How many volunteers do you hope to get involved in your project? (600 characters)*
What weight of rubbish (in kilograms), do you predict you will clean up? (600 characters)*
We will only fund projects which dispose of the rubbish collected responsibly. Please give details of how you will dispose of collected rubbish including any upcycling, recycling and taking to recognised waste disposal sites. (1200 characters)*
What actions will your project take to address the sources and causes of this rubbish to reduce its impact in the future? (1200 characters)*
Project Details - Objectives
What are 3 measurable, time-orientated outcomes for the project? (1200 characters each) - these will be used to monitor the progress of the project at each stage before the second and third tranches of funding are released
Objective 1*
Objective 2*
Objective 3*
Application Documents
Please include with your application proof that your organisation is registered as non profit, a budget for the amount you have applied for, a letter of reference from an organisation that has funded you in the past and, if you wish, some further information or images of the project area (no more than 4 pages) - See Example Costs


Proof organisation is registered, non profit*
Budget Plan*
Reference Letter*
Additional Proof

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Both the Breathe Foundation and the Atlantic Rainforest Institute would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank EOCA for its support of this project, and its ongoing support of projects like ours across the wide spectrum that it engages in.  Without the commitment and funding from the European outdoor industry assist established or start-up initiatives, many would never make it off the ground... and this [particular]  project and its roll out may never have been possible.
Drew Stevenson, General Manager, Breathe Foundation