Plastic Pledge

Plastic Pledge Logo
EOCA's Plastic Pledge aims to reduce single use plastic waste at trade shows – specifically starting with OutDoor by ISPO at the end of June.  EOCA is encouraging as many of its members to sign up to the Pledge as a first step to making trade shows more sustainable.  Non members of EOCA are invited to get on board with the Pledge as well, for the price of a donation to EOCA’s public fundraiser project – for which every €10 donated will clean an area of habitat the size of two Olympic swimming pools.

Our Company pledges;

- To provide a source of drinking water on our stand throughout the show for visitors and staff to refill reusables.

- To encourage every employee / person working on the stand to bring their own reusable mug or bottle from home for use during and after the show. If needed, the company will provide reusables to ensure all staff have an alternative to single use.

- Not to use or provide single use plastic bottled drinks during the show.

- To take all possible measures to avoid single use plastic food or drink items on the stand and to source, reuse and dispose of alternatives sustainably (for example cups, glasses, cutlery, crockery, food wraps, straws, stirrers, single portion milk, sugar, sweets etc).

- To proudly communicate this pledge and encourage colleagues and friends to join our mission to keep the tradeshow free of disposable waste.
Any company wishing to sign up to the Pledge, please contact Tanya and Catherine at
The grant has helped fulfil an important goal for us, providing mountaineers with safe access to the Alps, supporting awareness of the beauty and wilderness of this unique alpine landscape.
Peter Weber, Deutsche Alpen Verein