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Products & Services: Hydration Systems , Accessories
Outdoor Activities: Walking, Hiking and Picnicking - Enjoying the Countryside
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Premsons makes Worlds Largest Range of customised Sports Water Bottles for brands across 70 countries worldwide.

Premsons introduced worlds #1 Carbon Neutral Bottles made of Sugar Cane based polymer.
We can make these bottles using Solar power.
We also offer , carbon neutral shipping.
To reduce plastic waste in environment , we support to collect back same weight of plastic & recycle it. This compensdatory recycle is done by governement recongnised third party recycler.

Reusable drinking bottle , replacing hundreds of packaged bottles.

Premsons targets sending zero waste to landfills & Be water positive user by 2020.

These are greenest water bottles money can buy.

Premsons makes special bottles for each sport.
Premsons is Sedex audited suppler making certified safe products.

Your logo on Worlds #1 Carbon Neutral Bottles , will help us fight climate change , together.

Premsons offers unique bottle to each major brands.
When did you join EOCA? 2019 Jan
Why our company is involved with EOCA? To help support good work to save environment.
What else do we do to support conservation?1. We measure & monitor our energy consumption & keep saving power used to manufacture.

2. We are installing Solar energy plant to save carbon generated due to use of thermal power.

3.We support water saving projects & will be water positive by 2020.

4.Premsons will send zero waste to landfill by 2020

5. We are using Bio Polymer which is carbon neutral

6. We are also offering carbon neutral shipping.

Our best green product and why?
Mr Jayesh Khimji Rambhia , MD of Premsons has won Guinness world record for recycling 200,000 plastic bottles into worlds largest T shirt. Premsons can offer credit for recycled plastic from recongnised third party.
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We’re delighted to have been supported by the European Outdoor Conservation Association, who have been
an excellent partner and whose support has enabled us to divert more much-needed funds into local projects.
Dr Matthias Hammer, Biosphere Expeditions