Nurture Lakeland

Nurture Lakeland is a unique, award-winning organisation inspiring people to care for Cumbria’s natural environment through responsible tourism.
The difficult job of getting boulders in the right place
The difficult job of getting boulders in the right place

For over seventeen years, Nurture Lakeland has been working to raise funds to look after the beautiful landscapes and environment of Cumbria and the Lake District.  The organisation works with tourism businesses to improve sustainable practices, helping to safeguard the area for now and for the future.

With a membership of 340 businesses, tourism associations, agencies and other organisations, Nurture Lakeland represents over 1,200 individual businesses. These range from small guest houses to large hotels, holiday cottages to conservation bodies and other tourism related businesses.

High on the Lakeland fells
High on the Lakeland fells

Its main aims are to :

  • Provide funding to pay for conservation and environmental works
  • Carry out research into the impacts of tourism and offer solutions
  • Provide sustainable tourism training, advice and consultancy
  • Support other regions and National Parks to set up Visitor Payback
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"It was a great experience to receive the funding with the support of the people through an exciting voting contest. With the funding we managed to ensure preservation of another 10,000 hectares of wilderness in Küre Mountains National Park in Turkey providing safe haven for endangered species such as wolves and bears. We contributed to saving the last remaining priceless untouched natural areas in Europe so that future generations can also enjoy them."
Zoltán Kun, Executive Director, PAN Parks Foundation