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Glen Affric Landscape

Nominated by:

Glen Affric Forest Landscape Project, Scotland

Website: http://www.treesforlife.org.uk

The native pinewoods in Glen Affric represent one of the largest and last remaining fragments of Caledonian Forest in the UK, supporting over 1,000 wildlife species including golden eagles, pine martens and red squirrels. However, there are many old and dying trees, as excessive grazing pressure has prevented the growth of young trees. This project will engage outdoor users in practical action to reverse the loss of forest. Hands-on restoration work will be undertaken through forest skills courses, volunteer conservation days and weeks, planting 20,000 native trees, removing non-native trees and invasive species, and undertaking restoration of high-altitude montane scrub habitat. The core purpose of Trees for Life is to restore the Caledonian Forest, and all its species of flora and fauna. By providing a positive example working in partnership with nature and demonstrating ecological restoration techniques, it aims to inspire similar projects elsewhere in the UK and around the world.

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Relaxing by the Lake

Lake Bosomtwe Ecological Restoration, Ghana

Website: http://www.arocha.org/gh

Lake Bosomtwe the largest natural lake in West Africa. Stretching along a 32km shoreline, the ecosystem is a unique blend of habitats and attracts local and international tourists and provides varying goods and services. The main occupations of those living along the shoreline are fishing and farming. However the lake is under severe threat from unsustainable land use and farming practices, pollution from waste and uncoordinated tourism practices. This project will address the threats by creating and instituting a coordinated ecotourism management programmer that involved trail creation to keep people away from fragile areas, educating visitors about the areas and waste management. It will restore and enhance the shoreline of the lake through planting 20,000 fruit and native trees, as well as grass in eroded areas, and will enhance 100 fishermen’s and 100 farmers’ capabilities through adoption of improved and appropriate techniques in fishing, fish processing, and ecological farming methods.

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Mangrove in Madagascar. Photo credit BV Garth Cripps

Nominated by:

Mangrove Conservation and Ecotourism, Madagascar

Website: http://www.blueventures.org

Mangrove forests play a key role in mitigating against climate change, through their role as a carbon sink and in the vast range of ecosystem services they provide. In the tropics and subtropics, these marine forests are critical to the wellbeing of coastal communities, yet they are threatened by deforestation, primarily for timber and charcoal production. Blue Ventures Conservation is an international marine conservation organisation working in partnership with coastal communities in places where the ocean is vital to coastal cultures and economies. During this project, the organisation will introduce ecotourism to a coastal mangrove community in order to reduce pressure on the mangroves and provide alternative sources of income to local communities there. In conjunction with a local eco tourism operator, training will be given to guides for kayak tours and local women for meal preparation. Boardwalks, viewing towers and signage will be built for people to explore the mangroves without causing any damage to the unique environment. A percentage of the earnings from the tours will go into 2 community based mangrove management associations that are charged with enforcing sustainable mangrove management laws through patrols and the implementation of ustainable extraction quotes.

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Main beach Biarritz

Nominated by:

Marine Litter Campaign, Europe

Website: http://www.surfrider.eu

Over 6.4million tonnes of rubbish is dumped in the world’s oceans annually, between 60-90% of it being plastic and 80% of it originating from the land. This has a huge impact on the seabed and also wildlife in the seas, which either eats or get tangled up in the litter. When plastics decompose they release toxic substances, which enter the environment, and ultimately the food chain. Surfrider Foundation Europe has been running Ocean Initiatives for 19 years, and mobilises over 50,000 people annually across Europe to reduce amounts of macro waste through litter collections in local water sources including beaches, lakes and rivers. They mainly educate those taking part to help them understand the link between what they discard and the fragility of nature and the oceans thanks to a free pedagogical kit which is given to each volunteer. Funding will enable Surfrider to have a greater impact with improved communication and educational tools and help create a report about the marine litter that has been removed, which will be used to negotiate with European, national and local authorities to take action on marine litter.

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Projecte Rius

Nominated by:

Projecte Rius: joining people and rivers, Catalonia

Website: http://www.projecterius.org

Projecte Rius provides an opportunity for people to get outdoors, and be involved in the evaluation of their local aquatic ecosystems. Over the last 17 years, Projecte Ruis has been enabling 1000 people annually to get involved in monitoring their local river in Catalonia, highlighting areas for habitat improvement, invasive species removal, replanting of native species, clearance of overgrown trails and recognising pollution and discharge issues. The volunteers are supported to take action at a local and national level where necessary to improve the habitats they are monitoring. The project will maintain at least 150 volunteer groups, strengthening Projecte Ruis in Catalonia and covering analysis and monitoring around 75km of river. Three more significant restoration projects will be undertaken as part of this project.

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Marine Litter

Nominated by:

Skagerack Sea - Marine Litter Clean Up, Sweden

Website: http://www.hsr.se

The Swedish west coast is very rich in natural and cultural heritage but every year, about 8000m3 of marine debris is bought to the area from the North East Atlantic by currents and, combined with local litter, creates a big problem for the environment and sustainable tourism. These events will be organised together with outdoor ambassadors that use the sea for recreation such as divers, surfers and boaters. The aim is to inspire other local communities and organisations along the coast to carry out clean ups, and teach individuals to not drop litter. The project will also engage around 3000 participants in clean up activities taking place in 50% of Swedish coastal municipalities. The aim is to clean at least 250km of coast and collect 15 tonnes of waste. Analysis of 3 tonnes of the collected litter will increase knowledge about marine litter, its sources and long-term solutions as well as help raise marine litter issues on the public agenda.EOCA funding will enable 5 beach clean up events in Spring 2015 along the Skagerack Coast.

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Fragile Habitat

Nominated by:

Sustainable Tourism in Kamchia Nature Complex, Bulgaria

Website: http://wildlifeconservation.bg/english/

The Kamchia Nature Complex is located on the western Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria and comprises riverine flooded forests, extensive sand dunes and beaches, shrubs and grasslands, freshwater marshes and marine areas. It is essential for thousands of soaring/migrating birds. The area is very sensitive to human activities, pollution and fragmentation and is under increasing pressure from construction and development from the nearby summer resort. Environmental monitoring and awareness raising was part of the state plan but has not been undertaken due to lack of funds. This project aims to address that through clearance and reconstruction of an eco trail over the sand dunes, removal of invasive species and other waste and construction of wooden trellis over the dunes. Awareness raising activities will inform locals and visitors about the area and talks held at schools and in the nature reserve will be supplemented by practical courses in nest box construction and installation.

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