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photo credit: Peter Yuen Photography

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A New Ecotourism in Thailand

Website: http://www.mahouts.org

Currently, nearly 5000 elephants endure life in trekking camps in Thailand, giving rides and performing tricks for tourists. Meanwhile, wild elephant populations are dwindling. The Mahouts Elephant Foundation works with mahouts living in and caring for an 8000-acre protected area of forest, used to release captive elephants back into native habitat. Through this project, groups of 3-4 elephants will be walked 100+km in phases from tourist camps and returned to the forest to join previously released elephants. Ecosafaris, enabling ecotourists to hike and camp in the forest and observe the behaviour of elephants in their natural environment will pay the wages of the mahouts, giving an alternative to captive-elephant tourist attractions. Campsites and homestays will be provided by the mahouts and their families. Moreover, the presence of elephants in the forest will bring a greater incentive to protect this forest. The project will also research how elephants integrate and behave in the forest to benefit future transfers of elephants.

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Spider Monkey credit Jorge Pan

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Conservation of Black-Handed Spider Monkeys, Paso del Istmo Corridor Nicaragua

Website: http://www.pasopacifico.org/index.html

The overall goal of the project is to restore the Paso del Istmo Corridor in Nicaragua for wildlife, specifically the endangered Black-Handed Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi). These monkeys rely on intact forest canopies to survive and are highly sensitive to forest fragmentation. Over 90% of tropical dry forest has been lost in Western Nicaragua. This loss, combined with the poaching of babies for the illegal wildlife trade has made these monkeys the most endangered primates in Central America. This project by Paso Pacifico will protect 40,000 naturally regenerating saplings and plant 60,000 native trees over 300 ha. This will reconnect core forest habitats and also enrich existing forest patches with fruit bearing trees. The project will support ecotourism by providing restored habitat, guide training and field guides to local groups developing forest tours, thus tackling poverty, the root cause of wildlife trafficking threats in this area. Finally, the project will enable over 100 children each year to get involved in conservation, and fund 7 community rangers to monitor and protect endangered spider monkeys against the illegal wildlife trade.

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Photo credit: AMMCO

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Enhancing the conservation status of the mega aquatic fauna, Cameroon

Website: http://www.ammco.org

Aquatic megafauna (AMF) in Cameroon include cetaceans, manatees, sea turtles, and sharks. Most of the AMF species in the northern coast of Cameroon face intense human pressure from high levels of bycatch, hunting and the degradation of their environment. These threats are all linked to low protection levels and awareness and high levels of poverty. The goal of the African Marine Mammal Conservation Organisation (AMMCO) through this project is to strengthen the conservation status of the AMF in Cameroon, enhance their legal status and improve their non-consumptive economic value to the local people. EOCA funding would do this by; reinforcing local protection and influencing national policies regarding AMF; cleaning up sea turtle critical nesting beaches; raising awareness of the importance of these species; capacity building through training of fishermen to become whale watching guides and local women to work in a sea turtle hatchery; collaborative surveillance, research and education.

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photo credit: Ryan L. Lynch/ Third Millennium Alliance

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Protecting the forests of the Jama Coaque Conservation Corridor in Coastal Ecuador

Website: http://www.tmalliance.org

This is the second year of a two year project by Third Millennium Alliance, to establish a Conservation Corridor from the Jama-Coaque Reserve to the ocean. Once complete the Corridor will cover over 1,000 hectares in one of South America’s most fragmented landscapes, connecting Coastal Dry, Humid, and Premontane Cloud Forests. The two agricultural communities that neighbour the Corridor largely survive by logging, slash and burn agriculture, and cattle ranching, which has resulted in an increasingly fragmented landscape. This project aims to addresses the issues by expanding the extent of the forested landscape by planting 45,000 native seedlings in the natural forests and expanding agroforestry activities, as well as by establishing a 25 km Three Forest Ecotourism Trail for hikers and bikers that runs along the core of the Conservation Corridor. The combination of activities ensures the success of the Conservation Corridor by providing sustainable alternatives and economic incentives.

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Photo credit: Birgit Krummhaar

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Cleaning Up River Mulde, Germany

Website: http://www.europarc-deutschland.de

The River Mulde, which flows from Lake Muldestausee and into the River Elbe in North East Germany is popular with locals and visitors for its recreation opportunities and its surrounding landscapes. In 2013, the River Mulde experienced severe flooding. Since the lake’s altitude is the lowest in the region, litter and rubbish picked up by the floods contaminated and remained in the rivers and the lake. During this project, Friends Association Biosphere Reserve Middelelbe will take the lead in organising the local community, a local school and a Junior Rangers event, to clean up the litter along 1-2 km of the River Mulde. In addition, a study will take place on the rubbish collected to analyse the sources of contamination. Actions will be carried out to raise awareness of the issue with local stakeholders.

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